The Magazine for all Interested In Wood work in workshop or in the home

Tbo WOODWORKER Magazine has taught thousands of pn how io use their spare time profitably. Each article is written by an c\pcrt, and [hi clear instruction and detailed diagrams enable even the least experienced to obtain good results.

Here are just a few of the many subjects covered ;

The lirst hit of tools—*ssc<niaLi fa* Lhr hc^m iter. The properties of timber ho* ra ¿elect the ngkl wood fur iIla article to be made. CtwutfLiciiafi of *oodworL jotuU. SNiinine and polishing, veneering. uphotsiery. etc.

Hcf Lti rtuke you I uwn furpiiyt* kiLih«i «binds. bullion Wiirdfolvs and ethci liinwjnti far the post'wyr homr- Bedroom milts, bookshtlws, jiu.I huadrtd; of other useful and di\tj[jline aindrt.

Haw m miike u atwhIiduw, po-u-l I ry pen and bouse, ^ hee-l-biirow, ffartfen- frames, etc.

Haw 10 tarry out household iLji;iiiS' RDOVtllifl$ iiJ itioderiu ising old furniture.

Every man who is interested in woodwork in home or workshop, and who wishes lo keep abreast of latest ideas should sec ihts journal each month.

Prict 9d. per month from cmy nrturti^rnl, or lOd. post fret from the publishers.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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