Let Shelves Overlap Casework When Appropriate

On the built-in desk (facing page), the bottoms of the paper cubbies have a separate piece of thin pine that was laid in after the rest had been painted. This shelf laps out over each side of the opening, creating tiny sills. These tiny sills are a kind of whimsical miniversion of something I do whenever possible, which is to let the shelves overlap their casework (above and at right). Basically, this rule is an excuse for more curves because letting shelves slip their bonds

Shapes show better when painted white. Shadows on a white surface produce an espe makes it easy to bandsaw a subtle curve daily sharp contrast that catches the eye. Details on this island—raised panels on the base onto the shelves' leading edges. cabinets, and muntins and moldings on the upper cabinets—benefit from that contrast.


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