7 Introduction

8 Measuring Antiques

Educated guesses fill in the gaps

12 Building a Chest of Drawers

Joinery and design considerations

17 Holding the Notes

Building an adjustable music stand

22 Leg-and-Apron Table

Add a removable leaf when company comes

26 Shaker-Style End Table

Shaping a pedestal without a lathe

30 Making a Hepplewhite Card Table

Recapturing an essential delicacy

34 Brandy Stand

A lightweight table with a marquetry top

37 A 17th-century Chest

Scooping curves with a scrub plane

40 Hepplewhite Chest of Drawers

Delicate inlay fans life into a traditional piece

44 Spice Boxes

Hidden compartments for special seasonings

48 Campaign Chest

Locking drawers and a drop-front secretaire

52 Building a Roll-Top Desk

Interlocking slats form an all-wood tambour

58 Post-Office Desk

Simple construction in the Southern tradition

61 Kentucky Quilt Cabinet

A cabinetmaker tackles two-board construction

64 Constructing a Walnut Chest

A "keep-all" scaled down to fit any room

70 Shaker Casework

Simplifying the glories of Sheraton and Chippendale

77 Provincial Corner Cupboard

No-frills country joinery

80 Kentucky Cupboard

Retaining the essence of the country style

84 The PencU-Post Bed

Jigs for machining tapered octagons

90 Building a Bent-Back Rocker

Soft rock from hardwoods

96 Building a Sengebenk

A Norwegian bench with built-in storage

102 Making the Chippendale Chair

The way to a chair is to mind your flats and squares

110 The New England Windsor Chair

A tradition captures the imagination of contemporary makers

117 Making Period Doors

Through tenons and scribed cope joints

122 Building Fireplace Mantels

Antebellum designs provide inspiration

126 Index

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