Parallel Chronology Of The French And English Periods



Gothic, 1100-1509.

Gothic, 1100-1500.

Early Tudor, 1509-1558.

French Renaissance, 1500-1643.

Elizabethan, 1558-1603.

Jacobean, 1603-1649.

Cromwellian, 1649-1660.

Louis XIV, 1643-1715.

Restoration, 1660-1689.

Anglo-Dutch, 1689-1714

Early Georgian, 1714-1750.

Louis XV, 1715-1774.

Georgian, 1750-1800.

Louis XVI, 1774-1793.

Empire, 1799-1814.

French influence on English styles is especially to be noted as follows: Louis XIV influence on the style of William and Mary in the Anglo-Dutch period; Louis XV (rococo) influence on the styles of Chippendale in the Georgian period; Louis XVI influence on the styles of Hepplewhite, Adam, and Sheraton in the Georgian period.


The following list of books has been compiled for the benefit of student and collector. It includes the more important works on the historic styles in furniture and the decorative periods.

Bajot, Ed. Encyclop├ędie du Meuble.

Benn, H. P., and W. C. Baldock. Characteristics of Old

Furniture. Benn, R. Davis. Style in Furniture. Binstead, Herbert E. The Furniture Styles. Blake, J. P., and A. E. Reveirs-Hopkins. Little Books about Old Furniture. Burgess, Fred W. Antique Furniture. Candee, Helen Churchill. Decorative Styles and Periods. Candee, Helen Churchill. Jacobean Furniture. Cescinsky, Herbert. English Furniture of the Eighteenth Century.

Clifford, C. R. Period Furnishings. Clouston, K. Warren. The Chippendale Period in English Furniture.

Clouston, R. S. English Furniture and Furniture Makers of the Eighteenth Century, de Ricci, Seymour. Louis XVI Furniture. Dilke, Lady. French Furniture and Decoration in the Eighteenth Century.

Dyer, Walter A. The Lure of the Antique.

Dyer, Walter A. Early American Craftsmen.

Dyer, Walter A. Creators of Decorative Styles.

Eberlein, Harold Donaldson, and Abbot McClure. The Practical Book of Period Furniture.

Eberlein, Harold Donaldson. Interiors, Fireplaces, arid Furniture of the Italian Renaissance.

Fenn, Frederick, and B. Wyllie. Old English Furniture.

Foley, Edwin. The Book of Decorative Furniture.

Gregory, E. W. The Furniture Collector.

Hayden, Arthur. Chats on Old Furniture.

Hayden, Arthur. Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture.

Jac.quemart, Albert. A History of Furniture.

Lenygon, Francis. Decoration in England from 1660 to 1770.

Lenygon, Francis. Furniture in England from 1660 to 1760.

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Singleton, Esther. Dutch and Flemish Furniture.

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Strange, Thomas Arthur. English Furniture, Decoration, Woodwork, and Allied Arts.

Strange, Thomas Arthur. An Historical Guide to French Interiors, Furniture, Decoration, etc.

Throop, Lucy Abbot. Furnishing the Home of Good Taste.

Wheeler, G. Owen. Old English Furniture.

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