I Period Furniture in Modern Homes . . 3 II Italian Renaissance n

III The Renaissance Elsewhere . . . .25

IV Louis XIV 45

V Louis XV 54

VI Louis XVI 64

VII The Empire 78

VIII Jacobean and Restoration 89

IX Anglo-Dutch 100

X Georgian no

XI American Styles 125

Chronological Tables 140

Bibliography 149

Index 153



The salon of Marie Antoinette at Fontainebleau, Louis XIV style Frontispiece

English Gothic oak livery cabinet. Fifteenth century ... 5

English oak cabinet with linen-fold carving. Fifteenth century 5

Italian carved chest. Sixteenth century 6

Carved marriage chest or cassone. Sixteenth century ... 6

Italian carved walnut bench. Sixteenth century 6

High-backed Italian armchair, upholstered with velvet. Early seventeenth century 15

Sixteenth century Italian curule or Savonarola chair with brocade upholstery 15

Typical Italian table of the sixteenth century 16

Florentine sideboard or credence, sixteenth century 16

French credence of the late fifteenth century, with fine Gothic tracery and linen-fold carving 29

A Flemish Renaissance cabinet of ebony with bone inlay. About

1600 29

French Renaissance carved chest. Sixteenth century ... 30

Carved walnut table. French Renaissance, 1550-1600 ... 30

English oak court cupboard, with carved bulb-form supports.

About 1575-1600 39

English oak wainscot chair, carved with the Tudor rose. Sixteenth century 39

A Louis XIV armchair with seat and back of cane, which was less common than upholsterv 40

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