U Sheraton

end containing adjustable book rests—a capital arrangement; while the little dressing-table, Fig. 3, Plate VII., with its adjustable glass in the centre, jewel boxes, drawer, and writing slide, is very similar in many respects to one shown in Heppelwhite's book, and upon which I have already commented. As will be seen, the whole of the toilet arrangements can be enclosed, when not required for use, by shutting the hinged top. In Fig. 1, Plate VII., we have a "lady's dressing commode," which, as will be evident, has provision for all the operations associated with the toilet. " The top which covers and encloses the dressing part" (when shut) "slides down behind "—much in the same manner as do the screens already referred to.

Finally, so far as this inventive furniture is concerned, we will glance at the "drawing-table," Fig. 2, Plate IX. What a blessing such an article as this must ever be to the professional draughtsman; or, indeed, to anyone artistically inclined. The proofs which Sheraton gave of rare ingenuity are by no means exhausted by these examples ; indications of it will be found, in one corner or another, in almost every piece of cabinet work he designed, but those we have now been able to study will suffice to convey a good idea of this phase of his work.

While on this subject, I may perhaps mention an incident which I witnessed some time ago at an exhibition of furniture. A toilet-table was shown by a large firm of manufacturers, the special feature of which was a clever arrangement of concealed and adjustable mirrors, exciting the unstinted admiration and envy of all feminine beholders. Enquirers were assured that it was " quite a novelty; and our own exclusive patent., madam." As a matter of fact, the whole device came from the brain of Sheraton over a century ago, and was made UP by him. Poor old Sheraton! Probably the profits on that alone, had he been able to make it his own "exclusive Patent/' might have paid for a few extra cups and saucers, so

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