The louisseize

after years, were to do so much towards re-moulding the arts of the nation :—

"41 have already had the honour to remark/ said Monsieur de Choiseul, 'that Her Royal Highness is accomplished, and requires nothing to make her perfect!'

"On the way, the two travellers found the dauphin standing motionless upon the lawn, measuring the sun's altitude.

"The king said, loudly enough to be heard by his grandson, ' Louis is a finished scholar, but he is wrong thus to run his head against the sciences : his wife will have reason to complain of such conduct/

"1 By no means, sire/ replied a low soft voice, issuing from a thicket.

"And the king saw the dauphiness running towards him. She had been talking to a man furnished with papers, compasses, and chalks.

"'Sire/ said the princess, 'Monsieur Mique, my architect/

"4 Ah !' exclaimed the king ; ' then you too are bitten by the mania, madame ?'

"' Sire, it runs in the family. . . . You may walk a hundred years in your grounds and you will see nothing but straight alleys or thickets, cut off at an angle of forty-five degrees, as the dauphin says, or pieces of water wedded to perspectives, parterres, or terraces/

"'Well, come, what will you make of my Trianon ?'

"'Rivers, cascades, bridges, grottoes, woods, ravines, houses, mountains, fields/

"1 For dolls/ said the king.

"'Alas, sire ! for such kings as we shall be/"

We now have to consider a third style in old French furniture, and one, withal, which is filled with interest for the earnest student. In the preceding chapters I hope we have been successful in arriving at a fair estimate of the

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