The Louisseize

which we have come to know as the a cabriole/' The pure " Louis-Seize" leg, on the contrary, was never curved, but always straight, and almost invariably enriched in one way or another. This point is amply demonstrated by all the models shown; and, in order to appreciate fully how Heppelwhite and Sheraton followed the example of their French competitors, the reader may compare the types of the three styles

These are the most striking examples, but there are many others which on comparison will reveal the existence of a very close resemblance. As a matter of fact, there is not a single " Sheraton " turned leg which is not based in a certain degree — generally a very great degree—upon the " Louis-Seize/'

Considering the general outline of chair-backs next, the following may be studied side by side:—

" Louis-Seize" Heppelwhite

Fig. 1, Plate I.

  • 2, „ II. Fig. 12, Plate II.
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Here again I have only drawn attention to the most indisputable instances of direct inspiration, but I am sure they will induce my readers to search on their own account for others. There are, I need hardly point out, many modifications and variations in detail, but the "family likeness" is specified below


Heppelwhite Fig. 5, Plate I. „ 25, „ II. 5, „ VIII.

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