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" modelled " type, though of a most simple description, and in very low relief. The panels above, with their diamond patterns, furnish us with examples of the "flat" carving already referred to; and the enrichment in the frieze above that, and down the two front ends, is incised. Beneath the panels is a long, thin strip of carving, of a class exceedingly simple to " cut" ; yet it comes out most effectively, and was very largely used at the period of which I am writing. Two lines, parallel to one another, were incised; the long, narrow strip of wood between them was then slightly " rounded-off/' and so made to resemble what is technically known as a "reed"; in this a succession of notches on the slant was made, as indicated. This gave a spiral effect, much as if a long, thin shaving, or a long " corkscrew curl," had been let into a groove. A similar treatment was often adopted on the corners, or angles, of cabinet work ; as, for example, on the lower edge of the "Court Cupboard "on Plate VII. Again, while writing of incising, I may point out the simplicity of the means employed to " break-up " the long space just below the diamond panels, which is nothing more nor less than a succession of " digs" with the gouge. Yet it serves its purpose. The chest we are at present studying is a rather ornate example, but not by any means unusually so. A still more elaborate one is pictured in Fig. 3 above, in which we find a greater variety of enrichment, though no essential difference in general character. The detail, however, in this case, is more closely allied to the Italian than is that of the former, the repetition of double foliated scrolls," tied " together, reminding us strongly of the " Cinque-Cento"

In Fig. 3, Plate IL, we find the double, or "inverted/' scrolls again, but the panels below them are of a broader character, and display a freer treatment altogether. Fig. 4, Plate III., brings us back to the more geometrical class of carved panel, the class which really predominated at this

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