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piicity. Exactly the same spirit inspired the designs which are presented on pages 322 and 323, and on Plate III. ; but it is that spirit interpreted by one who has made a lifelong study of the task in hand, and who is, therefore, able to avoid the pitfalls that beset the simple amateur. The last Plate (II.) that calls for notice illustrates a number of suggestions for dining-room furniture in which natural forms, skilfully and tastefully conventionalised, constitute the sole enrichment. This series of studies in what might almost be described as English " New Art," is from the pencil of Mr. Henry Pringuer, an artist in writing of whose work I could, with the greatest enjoyment, fill many pages did circumstances permit, but unfortunately they do not.

In conclusion, it must be pointed out that, side by side with this cultivation of the " Quaint," designers have studied more and more deeply the best work of the past, learned its lessons, and adapted the cardinal principles of historic styles with such rare skill as to bring them into harmony with present-day requirements. The result has been that, in addition to the faithful copying of old models, the most tasteful novel renderings of old styles have, for many years past, been produced, and continue to be produced, on every hand. To sum up the situation, if I were asked to give my opinion upon the work of the modern British cabinet maker as a whole, I should unhesitatingly affirm that there never was a time in the history of our country when so great a degree of good taste was to be found in the furnishing showrooms as is to be seen there to-day ; and that there is not the slightest excuse for anyone, however limited may be his resources, to admit into the home ugliness in the form of furniture.

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Carving Stopped Flutes

"Stopped Flutes" Breeding"

"UNDER Framing" "¿pin





Bedroom Furniture

"Pearl' Beading

" Nulling"

Oval" Tan

Broken Ped/ment

dentil nOULDING

Simple Parchment or'Linen Panel"

Simple Wood Scroll Bracket

rosette or patera

Acanthus Scrolls

Acanthus Scroll


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How To Sell Furniture

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