Style In Furniture

"A New Book of Chinese Designs, calculated to improve the Present Taste, consisting of Figures, Buildings, and Furniture, Landskips, Birds, Beasts, Flowers, and Ornaments, etc." By Edwards and Darly. Published 1754. As this book appeared in the same year as Chippendale's, it is impossible to say which appropriated ideas from which, but there is certainly a remarkably strong resemblance between many of the " Chinese " conceits put forward by Messrs, Edwards and Darly and a number of those which appeared in "The Gentleman's and Cabinet Maker's Director." Some of the lattices in particular are almost identical.

"A New Drawing Book of Ornaments, Shields, Compartments, Masks, etc." By M. Lock. Published about 1660-1670, Extreme Rococo.

" One Hundred and Fifty New Designs." By Thomas Johnson, carver. Published 1761. Ceilings, mantels, mirror and picture frames, clock cases, girandoles, brackets, etc., etc., in extreme Rococo. This was supplementary to a book of a similar character published by Johnson in 1758.

"The Universal System of Household Furniture, consisting of above three hundred Designs in the most Elegant Taste, both useful and ornamental." By I nee and Mayhew, cabinet makers and upholsterers. Published 1762. The designs in this are, to all intents and purposes, " Chippendale," and every phase of that style is represented by them.

"The Joiner's and Cabinet Maker's Darling. Sixty Designs for Ornamental Frets." By J. Crunden. Published 1765-1786-1796.

"Genteel Household Furniture, by a Society of Upholsterers." Published about 1765-1770, More "Chippendale."

"The Cabinet and Chair-Maker's Real Friend and Companion, or the whole System of Chair Making made plain and easy." By Robert Manwaring, cabinet maker.

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