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simply as opportunities for enrichment of some kind or another.

It is clear that, about this time, the "four-poster" had " caught the decline/' and was destined to give way before very long to structures of a less cumbersome, and certainly more healthy, description. This fact was fully recognised by Sheraton, and he made all preparations to be ready for the coming change in public taste. One alternative to the older type he provides by the design which is reproduced

Fig. 5, Plate VII., and which is " Louis-Seize" in every particular, even to the pattern of the silken covering. Another will be found in Fig. 4 on the same plate. These two are described as "sofa beds"; and though the first closely resembles the ordinary wooden bedstead so far as general form is concerned, the second is certainly nothing more nor less than a glorified sofa, and could hardly be honestly recommended with any degree of confidence to our friends if a comfortable night's repose were the end in view. The attempt to introduce such articles into common use was nevertheless made, and so must of necessity be recorded here.

Of Fig. 5 Sheraton wrote : " The frames are sometimes painted in ornaments to suit the furniture. But when the furniture is of rich silk they are done in white and gold and the ornaments carved. The drapery under the cornice is of the French kind, it is fringed all round, and laps on to each other like waves."

Finally, as regards what may strictly be described as bedroom furniture, Fig. 1, Plate VIII., should be particularly noted, as it marks a most notable development in the arrangement of the wardrobe; one that has been perpetuated to the present time, and constitutes, as a matter of fact, the leading feature of that article of furniture as we know it to-day—that is to say, the 44 hanging cupboard/' We do not find it in Heppelwhite's Book, and even Sheraton, as we see, introduced it rather as

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