Style in furniture

story in a nutshell, and it is a painful one. True, the " English Empire " was relieved by some redeeming features, and was productive of a few graceful forms, particularly in chair work; but they constituted somewhat rare exceptions to the dreadful and all-pervading rule.

However, though it was essential to sketch this phase of

Two Studies in "Sheraton-Empire"

(See page 319 for reference)

English furnishing, there is not the least occasion to dwell upon it, for the vast majority of the examples of the work of that period are not endowed with the slightest suggestion of artistic merit ; are of no value to collectors ; and can serve only to remind us of the depths to which we sank in the matter of applied art during the earlier part of the reign of Victoria; depths which were proudly " sounded/' for the benefit of the world, at the memorable exhibition of 1851.

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