Style In Furniture

that quality which we shall naturally find predominates in the work of those whose living depended upon their pleasing, and by pleasing securing the patronage of, the members of the court. Let it not be inferred for one moment that I employ the word "effeminacy" in its association with arts of the times as a term of reproach, however it may be regarded in other walks of life; nothing could be further from my intention. " Effeminacy," we are told by the dictionary, means " womanish softness and delicacy " ; and what more delightful quality could we have in the home to lighten the struggle and turmoil of the average daily existence ? Stately dignity and sturdy simplicity may be all very well in their way ; and, theoretically, we may hold the ancient Spartan models of training and general deportment in the highest reverence, and quote them, in inspiriting accents, to members of the rising generation. But how delightful it is, sometimes, to throw oneself on to a heap of downy cushions—"effeminate" cushions. This may not sound heroic. It is not; but it is a sentiment with which I know the vast majority of my readers will agree. As to our own furniture of olden days, greatly as we admire those sturdy "Elizabethan" and "Jacobean" forms, and love to look at them as they grace our collections of treasures, we hardly select them as asylums of repose when we are in need of rest. If we be forced to do so because other more comfortable seats are occupied, how heartily we wish that a greater measure of "effeminacy" had been instilled into the furniture of our early progenitors. It is wonderful what a few deft touches by a woman's hand will do where questions of comfort haye to be decided. Of course, there is effeminacy and effeminacy, but I am not afraid of my meaning being misinterpreted.

Changed as was the monarchy, there was no diminution in the encouragement afforded by the State, as well as by private patrons, to the arts. Indeed, it was increased rather than otherwise, and the workers in the appartements au Louvre,

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