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everything that might be calculated to revive them. But what was to take their place, and from whom was the inspiration for a fitting substitute to come ? That was the question which presented itself to the First Consul, and he did with it as he did with every other question that submitted itself to him—settled it. Palaces were waiting restoration, and paintings wanted replacing, which, of course, meant that architects and painters must be found to superintend the task. They must, moreover, be architects and painters whose past records justified the assumption that they might be relied upon to breathe into their work the Imperial Spirit which dominated the mind of the great Empire Builder,

Was the " Louis-Quinze " or the " Louis-Seize," with suggestions of pastoral pleasures and amorous delights, of any use here ! No. Napoleon's views on the question of morality, it must be admitted, were far from narrow; but what he himself indulged in and what he desired others to do were vastly different matters. In his imperial surroundings at all events he would tolerate but little toying with love knots-except the historic one which was destined to be untied—nor would he countenance Cupid's bows ; flowers were to be the wreath of the victor, and not to be garlanded about the lute, lyre, and pan-pipes ; while as to the timorous Colin and the coy shepherdess, they could not look for a very cordial reception at court. There were some exceptions to this rule, but the rule obtained nevertheless. " Empire " must be writ large in everything, and the task was to find the men who could write it in bold enough characters. They were found of course ; and the names of the chief among them were Charles Percier, Pierre-François-Leonard Fontaine, and Jacques-Louis David. The records of these men completely justified the choice under the special and unique conditions recorded. All three were deeply versed in the history of the old Roman Empire, the completion of a "second edition" of whose glories was ever present in the mind of Napoleon ; all had

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