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heater. The other pedestal was generally set apart for the storage of crockery.

The decorative vases which found a place upon them, says Heppelwhite, " may be used to hold water for the use of the butler, or iced water for drinking, which is enclosed *in an inner partition, the ice surrounding it; or may be used as knife-cases, in which case they are made of wood, carved, painted, or inlaid; if used for water they may be made of wood or of copper japanned. The height of the pedestal is the same as the sideboard" (3 feet) "and 16 or 18 inches square ; the height of the vase about 2 feet 3 inches."

Figures 1 and 4, Plate VI., represent two of these vase knife-cases; and Figs. 2 and 3 on the same plate two knife-cases of a more common and familiar type. The former, more often than not, were made in satinwood, and the knives were fitted in to the body into baize-covered grooves. When it was desired to remove or replace the knives, the top of the vase was kept-up out of the way by means of a small spring, fitted to the stem in such a manner as to act as secure support. Cases such as those shown in Figs. 2 and 3, Plate VI., were most usually of mahogany, inlaid with satinwood, and sometimes with other veneers of delicate tones of colour. Satinwood itself was sometimes employed for the construction of the main body, as in the vase forms, and afterwards enriched with daintily designed and executed inlay and brush work. Here, once again, we have an article that has been driven out of our homes by modern "improvements"; but are not our dining-rooms, at least so far as their furnishing is in question, all the poorer by reason of its absence ? Which is to be preferred, I would askā€”the modern knife-basket or the old " Heppelwhite" vase or case? Can there be two opinions on that point ?

But this designer, as I have already indicated, did not rest content with the somewhat primitive "side-table," with its attendant cupboards and vases, when he saw that such an

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