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at the highest pitch of development; and by reason of the fact that they were responsible for the plans of many of the more important buildings furnished on the lines laid down by the originators of those three styles, they have received a great amount of credit to which they were never in the least entitled. What they really earned should suffice. Although they made some slight essays in the designing of furniture, these architects, as a matter of fact, exerted but small direct influence upon English furniture proper, notwithstanding the fact that their name is so frequently quoted in connection with it. The marks which they did leave upon the interior of our homes were, for the most part, in the way of stucco wall and ceiling decoration, and mantelpieces — of which they designed a vast number.

Their preferences were for the lighter and daintier phases of the Classic, and they delighted more in the effeminate conceits of the " Pompeian " than in the dignified grandeur of the " Palladian " school. The result was that they produced a style in architecture that depends largely on delicate stucco detail for its effect; and which, while generally refined in character, is certainly lacking in dignity. But of architecture as such it is not in my province to write here, and I must be content with giving a mere note or two upon the "Adam" interior which forms the subject of the accompanying plate, and which embraces many of the chief characteristics of the style in question.

As I have already mentioned, " Adam" mantels are very numerous, but all are more or less of the type illustrated, as regards the character of the detail with which they are enriched, though the majority were not so crowded with ornamentation. The mouldings are invariably of the simplest and purest classic order, the " dentil," " egg-and-tongue," and acanthus types being freely introduced. The cinerary vase and urn were favourite details, and were generally accompanied by delicate "swags," or festoons of drapery, leaves,

Plate 67

TYPICAL "ADAM" DETAIL. (See pages 213-215)

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How To Sell Furniture

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