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Zamore—"something between a monkey and a parrot"—was officially appointed "Governor/' with full title, dignities, privileges, and brilliant uniform. There, while urgent affairs of State were awaiting settlement at Versailles, the sovereign would sit, caressed by his fair despot, by the edge of the lake, feeding the royal carp with bread-crumbs, or stuffing the "Governor" with sweetmeats. The presence in office of the Due de Choiseul, prime minister, patron of the arts, and intimate friend of Voltaire, was obnoxious to Jeanne, who protested that he must "go." The king pooh-poohed the suggestion as altogether out of the question. De Choiseul was a great man; had rendered notable service to the State; he was indispensable; the people would be furious. The Countess pouted, and—the prime minister " went." Even the sovereign's influence could not induce any one of the great ladies of the court to act as sponsor at her Presentation to this woman who, in days gone by, had probably helped to make some of their dresses. Presentation, therefore, was of course impossible. Was it ? The Countess du Beam, a decayed remnant of the old nobility, who had fallen upon evil times, was unearthed by the determined little body, carried to the capital, and liberally paid to act as sponsor. Jeanne was presented. On the plea of illness the great ladies absented themselves from the function, in order to show their displeasure. " So much the worse," said the king, when informed that they were ill; and the words were uttered in a tone that suggested the unuttered, "for them."

Cannot we picture this imperious little woman, with her " light chestnut hair, skin of white satin, veined with azure; eyes at one moment spirituelle, and at another languishing; a little roseate mouth, with rows of pearls; dimples everywhere, and a figure marked by a certain embonpoint with the pliancy of a snake." Might we not apply the concluding words of that description to many of the furnishing forms by which she loved to surround herself ?

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