Style in furniture

sensations of the keenest satisfaction at being enabled to introduce " Art" into their home. They know it must be " Art," for it had it on the label—" and so cheap too !99 Last, but by no means least, what a difference it makes to the balance-sheets of those who manufacture, as wfell as of those who factor, this "Art for the Million." They alone, could we see them, would furnish the most unmistakable indications that the "discovery'' of this little word as a trade description must be counted among the most brilliant strokes of the kind in modern times.

" Art," then, in its indiscriminate application for business purposes, must be regarded simply as a "catch word," meaning little or nothing, and as, more often than not, misapplied. We may, I think, class " L'Art Nouveau," or " New Art," as we have it in this country, under the same category, and look upon it as equally objectionable. Art, accepting the true and all-embracing meaning of the word in its strict and proper sense, is from all eternity ; and to describe it as " new " is to perpetrate as absurd an anachronism as could well be imagined. "Art," employed as meaning merely a technical process or method of procedure, is, of course, an entirely different thing, and its use in such a connection is, of course, quite permissible ; but it is not thus associated with this new movement in France and in other countries. The " New Art" bases its claim to attention and respect, not upon innovations in the direction of ways and means of manufacture, for it is not entitled to any special notice in that regard ; but upon the supposed novelty of the spirit underlying it all; a spirit which, to tell the truth, is not in itself fresh, but is the old one, which has, by some means or another, gone sadly astray. With regard to this " New Art," it has been said, and with some measure of reason, that, on the one hand, most of it which is really new is not art, and that which is really art is not new ; and I do not think that the situation could be summed up much more

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