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particular study, and to call up visions of those great ones amidst their proper domestic surroundings.

John Locke had completed his " Essay on the Human Understanding " in the intervals permitted by the performance of his duties as Secretary of Presentations, and Secretary to the Board of Trade; Ray had laid the foundation for the classification of the vegetable and animal kingdoms, by which he won the unstinted admiration of Cuvier himself; Con-greve was delighting the playgoing public with his " Double Dealer," " Love for Love," and similar conceits, and had been rewarded by a post in the Hackney Coach Office; Farquhar was competing successfully with him on his own ground by the production of " The Beau's Stratagem," " Love in a Bottle," and like extravagances ; while Pope was, at one and the same time, accumulating the wisdom and the gall which gave to the world the " Essay on Man " and the " Dunciad." Matthew Prior had served successively as Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King William, Secretary to the Congress at the Hague, Secretary of State, and Secretary to the Embassy in France, the while he was delighting all people of culture by his writings and poems, and notably by his " History of our own Times." Addison had completed his " Rosamund " and " The Campaign," and was alternating the duties of Commissioner of Appeals and Under-Secretary of State by penning his literary gems for the Spectator, Tatler> and Guardian, and preparing his reproofs for "Little Dickey"; while that gentleman himself— " the most agreeable and most innocent rake that entered the round of dissipation "—was editing his papers, spending a certain number of hours daily in the Stamp Office, suffering expulsion from Parliament for his "Englishman" and " Critic," and bowing the knee for knighthood. Handel was busy fighting duels, writing his "Te Deums" and " Jubilates/' and drawing his pension of " four hundred a year " ; Walpole was looking after the Exchequer and exports and collecting

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