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engraved by Bartolozzi. He died at Chelsea in 1785. Per-golesi, too, did considerable work of the same kind, as well as for interior decoration.

There is yet another feature associated with eighteenth-century furniture which must be mentioned, and that is lacquer as a decorative medium. The demand for this was, to a great extent, created by the importation into this country of Japanese and Chinese productions, in order to give " local colouring" to the quasi-Oriental interiors planned by Sir William Chambers and others who worked on similar lines; and it was employed, though not very extensively, for the enrichment of cabinets and similar articles—chiefly in the form of imported panels. In the case Gborgeian Chair of the " Hbppblwhitb'' of such small pieces of

Period cabinet work as tea caddies, jewel caskets, and the like, gilt lacquering—generally floral in design, but sometimes in diaper patterns—on a black or brown ground is often found; while, in exceptional instances, most elaborate schemes were rendered in this medium, which was used also as a foundation for the choicest brush work. The greater part of this old lacquer which survives nowadays dates from the later Georgeian period.

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