Style In Furniture

some eccentric exception to every rule which then prevailed, and so impossible to tabulate under accepted and duly specified headings.

To illustrate every article of furniture belonging to that age, with all their innumerable minor variations of form and detail, is obviously quite impossible ; fortunately it is not at all necessary for me to do so in order to attain the end I have in view. Our requirements will be fully met by a careful study of the standard models of every phase of1 style in vogue at any period we may be discussing, and by comparison with these every other piece may be judged, its style discovered, and its approximate date determined.

The next illustration in this chapter (Plate VII.) conveys a capital impression of the class of interior woodwork that prevailed in the homes of those who were able to afford such luxuries in Elizabethan and Stuart days. The mantel—a fine study in "Elizabethan"—and the panelling are now in the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington ; originally they were designed and put together for old Bow Palace, at the demolition of which they were fortunately " rescued " and secured for the nation by the Science and Art Department. It will be observed that the panelling itself is of the very simplest character, though the main pilasters are enriched with the "inverted" scrolls which, as I have pointed out, were very generally employed, and were most typical of "Jacobean " detail. For the rest, as regards this plate, I need only draw attention to the arm-chair by the fireplace, which is a repetition of the same type as that illustrated on page 33; and, as I have said, was not uncommon in the English mansion of Elizabethan and Stuart times.

The illustrations on the plates we have considered practically exhaust all the really characteristic types of the Stuart period, and those which follow, on Plates VIII. to XIV., are simply additional examples presented to give a fuller idea of variations in detail, and in combinations of detail, such as

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