But with this section we have little or nothing to do, save to place its existence on record, and regard it as yet one more proof of the rare thoroughness that characterised the operations of this old master in the pursuit of any object that he may have had in view.

To sum up the style in as few words as possible. The reader will, I think, have come to the conclusion by this time that, in all Sheraton did in connection with the craft he loved so well, there is everything to praise, and little or nothing to call forth unfavourable criticism ; and this conclusion is, on the whole, a correct one. It is true that, towards the end of his career, when he was a broken-down old man, worn-out in mind and body alike, he published a series of supplementary plates of designs which make it painfully apparent that, at the time of their publication, the over-wrought brain of this poor old artist, craftsman, preacher, theologian, and publisher had commenced to lose its balance, and the hand its cunning.

These consist, for the most part, of what can only be described as caricatures of the " Empire/' which probably never were made up, and, fortunately, are never likely to be. But they must not be counted against him ; and, if they were brought up as evidence to counteract the effect of much that I have written, I should, in the capacity of counsel for the defence, put in the plea of " artistically unsound mind, the result of never-ceasing work and anxiety." I should remark, further, that " my client," in a fit of aberration, or may be in response to an order which he dared not refuse, perpetrated a " Prince of Wales's Chinese Drawing-Room," of which, however, he said but little, and we need say less. The only comment, indeed, necessary upon it is, that evidence appears throughout that the designer's heart was not in the work, and that he determined to give as small a flavouring of "Chinese" as possible. As a natural consequence the outcome is necessarily weak; and that is the worst that can be said about it. There are, at all

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