an experiment than anything else, fitting up the major portion of the upper part of his wardrobes with sliding shelves, as was then the accepted custom. The hooks provided are not of the ordinary type, but are double ones, working on a swivel, and depending from a wooden rod, the ends of which fall into metal sockets fitted into the sides of the cupboard to receive them. These rods may be removed at will. This arrangement has been improved upon since by the introduction of swing "arms" and other arrangements, but it was quite a fresh innovation at the time of which I am writing.

It will doubtless have been observed that most of the " Sheraton" bedroom furniture with which we have, up to the present, dealt belongs to the more costly description ; and that it should be so could hardly be avoided, for more than one reason. These old makers and designers did not include many models of the cheaper class in their books, although of course they provided for their supply when called upon to do so; they preferred rather to rely upon their higher flights of fancy to attract attention to their work, and bring business to their establishments. Though cheap, and probably (<nasty," furniture was made in the so-called "good old days," just as it is now, but not, of course, in such large quantities, little of it has survived to the present time ; to reproduce any such, therefore, from existing examples is altogether out of the question.

Fortunately for the reputation of those old craftsmen only the fittest of their work has survived; and it is not necessary to say that that fittest was not supplied at what the trade nowadays terms " cutting prices." It was good, honest work, well paid for, and, as a natural consequence, has withstood the ravages of time, as, under ordinary circumstances, good, honest work generally will—unless carried out in fragile or perishable material.

On the other hand, none of the pieces illustrated ^ here would be beyond the means of the fairly " well-to-do," and,

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How To Sell Furniture

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