his art treasures ; Lord Chesterfield—friend of Addison, Pope, Swift, Arbuthnot, Gay, Voltaire, and Montesquieu—was writing his far-famed " Letters," and, at intervals, guiding State affairs in Ireland and Holland, Garrick was sitting at the feet of Dr. Johnson preparatory to trying his chances in the wine trade, and winning his laurels on the stage—curious that our own Toole should have passed from one to the other in the same way ; Hogarth was storing up that knowledge of human nature which afterwards, guided by his genius, made him the most powerful pictorial satirist of his or any other age—and striving to win the favour of Sir James Thornhill's daughter; " Peg" Woffington was sending the beaux of the town mad with her il Sir Harry Wildair," and Joshua Reynolds was just entering upon his studies. Looming over all, we see, through the eyes of Boswell, the ponderous figure of Samuel Johnson himself, struggling for eight years over his Dictionary —which was due in three!—and spending his ^1575 long before the completion of his task; preparing his Parliamentary reports for the Gentlemarts Magazine; dodging the bailiffs; and writing " Rasselas " to pay the expenses of his mother's funeral! That remarkable genius, with " his coat, his wig, his scrofula, his St. Vitus's dance, his rolling walk, his blinking eye, the outward signs which too clearly marked the approbation of his dinner; his insatiable appetite for fish sauce and veal pie with plums; his inextinguishable thirst for tea; his trick of touching the posts as he walked ; his mysterious practice of treasuring up scraps of orange-peel; his morning slumbers, his midnight disputations, his contortions, his mutterings, his gruntings, his puffings; his vigorous, acute, and ready eloquence ; his sarcastic wit, his vehemence, his insolence, his fits of tempestuous rage, his queer inmates— old Mr. Levett and blind Mrs. Williams, the cat Hodge, and the negro Frank."

It is with such figures as these, then, that we may, if we be so disposed, people our interiors in imagination when we

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