that point of view, it will be seen that the back proper, or, in any case, the centre baluster, is shaped to conform in some measure with the lines of the body, supporting the shoulders, and curving forward towards the seat so as to meet the lower part of the trunk. This innovation, which, I need hardly say, was a great advance so far as comfort was concerned, may be noted in Fig. 3, Plate I., and Figs. 1 and 3, Plate II.; as also in the upholstering of Fig. 1, Plate I., and of Fig. 6, Plate III.

Of the tables illustrated nothing much need be said. The enrichment of that shown in Fig. 2, Plate I., is an example of the light Dutch marquetry which became rather popular here at th'e time of William and Mary's reign ; the details usually consisted of naturalesque leaves, blossoms, and birds, in sycamore, pear, maple, mahogany, holly, and other veneers. Fig. 5, Plate II., is, of course, a card-table, with special places provided for " light refreshment" and the coin of the realm; it was most probably made in early Georgeian clays. Fig. 3, Plate III., has been discussed; while Fig. 5, Plate V., speaks for itself. Fig. 2, Plate II., is a writing-table, the shaping of the front of which is, of course, based on the "French"; Fig. 4, Plate III., Fig. 6, Plate IV., and ^g- 3> Plate V., are other types of the same article, unmistakably from the " Dutch " ; while in Fig. 6, Plate I., we find a considerable step is made towards the development of the bureau from the form in which it appears in Fig. 4, Plate I., in the chapter on " Elizabethan."

Until this time, the majority of the community who were engaged in literary pursuits, either for pleasure or profit, had received but meagre consideration at the hands of the cabinet maker in the direction of providing them with a safe and handy asylum for their stationery, papers, and other similar accessories ; but now their wants began to receive greater attention, and such pieces of furniture as that under review c*me into being. The welcome accorded to them must have

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