Other Georgeian Types

After reading the three preceding chapters, and before dismissing the subject of Georgeian types in order to proceed to the consideration of those which come next on our list, the reader will naturally wonder what was being done during the period with which we have just dealt by designers other than those whose names have been accorded prominence in these pages. It will be readily understood that Chippendale, Heppel-white, and Sheraton were not by any means the only men employed in designing and making furniture during the time of the Georges, and, on that account, some may assume that other distinct and historic styles may have risen in this country under the earlier rulers of the House of Hanover, and call for our attention; but I may say at once that such is not the case.

Early Grorgeian Chair

(Of the cheaper class, with 1 * Queen-Anne h baluster or " splat" in back)

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