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a manner, that we involuntarily exclaim : u Why were these delightful schemes never thought of before ? "—for delightful many of them are without a doubt.

It is not possible for me to deal at any length with the development of the movement in continental countries other than France, but it will not do, nevertheless, to ignore altogether what is taking place in Germany and Austria in this

A "New Art" Atrocity (French) (Seepage 308 for reference)

connection. On Plates VII. to X., therefore, appear schemes, hailing from both countries, which may be regarded as fairly characteristic. In Germany, quite a number of the leaders of the new school—the " Moderne Stil" as it is called—are cultivating a " stringy/' interlaced, entangled class of " ornament/1 such as that indicated on Plate VII., and by the sketch on next page ; but a greater degree of refinement and

the "new art" in france 311

restraint is displayed in schemes of the character that pervades Plate VIII. As for the two Austrian studies, that on Plate IX. has rather the attenuated " stringy " failing again ; but the corner on Plate X. is as simple and unpretentious as

"New Art" Surface Decoration of the "Wiry" Type (German)

(See page 310 for reference)

one could well desire, and, save for one or two scraps of " New Art" enrichment here and there, might be a rendering of our own ' Quaint/'

But I must not be tempted to discuss the " New Art"

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