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square leg was by no means his favourite; twelve of the ex. amples selected for illustration here are conclusive proof to the contrary. As a matter of fact, we are justified in asserting that the " cabriole " form, inspired, of course, by the " Louis-Quinze," ranked first in his estimation. The shaping of the "Chippendale cabriole," however, *is generally less pronounced, and consequently more subtle, than in the French originals, though more often than not it is enriched with carved detail of one kind or another which is borrowed either from the " Louis-Quatorze " or the " Louis-Quinze." It should

" Chippendale " " Queen-Anne "

Showing relationship between " Chippendale " and "Queen-Anne" Chair Backs

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be noted, moreover, that this detail very frequently includes the C-like shaping, carved on the corners of the inside of the knee, as shown in the sketch. This recurs constantly.

I have remarked, as may be remembered, that there are some few points of resemblance between the "Chippendale" and the "Queen-Anne" : the introduction of the "cabriole" leg is or*e. As to this point, it may be explained that, in reality, I the one employed by Chippendale is more closely akin to the / " Queen-Anne" form than to the French. Apart from this, < there is yet another mark of resemblance in the two styles,

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upper wardrobe. „ 109,124,245

Wall mirror. Bedstead. Lower wardrobe.

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