never to return, for has not a less expensive substitute for them been found ? We now have the cheap, enamelled, tin receptacles, which, no one can deny, serve their purpose sufficiently well; but it is certain that they will never give pleasure to the eye. All, therefore, who are so fortunate as to possess caddies of the good old-fashioned sort should treasure them carefully. They are becoming more difficult to secure every day, and those who desire to include fine examples in their collections will do well to " snap at" any that may come their way—provided, of course, that they are worth having.

Before leaving the consideration of this Plate (III.), I may point out that the very fact of the appearance of so many pieces of what may be described as fancy furniture in a single design book of the period in question is sufficient evidence that the reign of elegance had seriously commenced, and that utility, though by no means forgotten, was no longer regarded as the only and all-important quality to be secured. The demands of the graces of life were increasing.

We will turn now to the consideration of more pretentious productions, technically known to the cabinet maker as "carcase work." Plate IV. is devoted to a variety of appointments for the library and study, apartments which, whether they were seriously used for their proper purposes or not, were made much of in those days when it was fashionable to ape a knowledge of literature, and when the slightest pretensions to its cultivation were often sufficient to insure an entrte into the most exclusive social circles; provided, of course, that they were put forward with sufficient assurance. The penning of billets-doux} sonnets, and love-sick verses, of every length and metre, with fulsome adulation of " my lady's eyes," or wails of hopeless despair at her unrelenting coldness, were the order of the day ; and the reputation of a man who aspired to write an epic poem on the one hand, or a play on the other, was assured, even though it may never have been destined to see the light. Simply to have your name on the list of subscribers

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