that being the case, the preparation of the mise en scène was regarded as a question of paramount importance.

When, in I799> on the memorable 18th Brumaire, Napoleon overthrew the Directory and caused himself to be nominated First Consul, there were State residences enough for himself and Josephine. But the mark of the Revolution had been indelibly impressed upon them all, and a vast scheme of restoration had to be carried out before they could be expected to meet with the approbation of their new occupants. The question was, then, in what manner were they to be restored ? Was the old order of things to be revived ? Let us recall, for a moment, the story told by the then existent remnants of the glories which had so recently passed away. Shattered as many of them were through the mis-directed zeal of the sans-culottesy these old palaces, with their tottering walls, powder-begrimed gilding, and splintered furniture, were haunted by souvenirs of the "doll monarchs," whose heads had fallen at the command of the populace ; of the " Well-Beloved," whose corpse was followed to its last resting-place with curses ; of " Le Grand Monarque," whose great work of reconstruction had been so nullified by the puerility of his successors. We see there, in imagination, the shade of Richelieu, cursing the weakness of the fallen sovereigns ; of Mazarin bemoaning the loss of his hoarded treasure ; Anne of Austria weeping over the fate of her children; Philip of Orleans hunting for his rouge pots ; Madame de Maintenon and poor La Vallière, Jeanne-Antoinette du Pompadour, and the ill-fated Du Barry, wringing their hands ; while the sweet strains of Lully seem to mingle with the echoes.

Such were the memories which were kept green by all that remained of the decoration and furnishing of the residences and palaces to enter which Napoleon had won the right in council—or at the point of the sword : memories most hateful to him, and, through his influence, to the country at krge. These memories, therefore, had to go, together with

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