need hardly say, essentially Chinese—and he was not to be baffled. Here was the very thing for his pediment; nothing could be better. They had to be touched up, of course, with a little coquillage; the inevitable C's were fitted in somehow here and there; top-heavy naturalesque bunches of flowers came in handy as finials; and the whole, with other nondescript detail, resulted in those strange medleys which we see in the pediments of the wall bookcases on Plates IV. and V., the two lower cabinets on Plate VI., and the hanging bookshelves on Plates X. and XI. To sum up briefly the total outcome of this experiment, the chairs proved to be a greater success than the cabinet work. They were quaint and not altogether unattractive in appearance ; roomy, and, by the aid of a generous supply of loose cushions, might be made fairly comfortable. The cabinets, on the contrary, I am disposed to regard rather in the light of freaks ; though we may perhaps say of them, as was said of the curate's egg, immortalised by our friend " Mr. Punch," that they are "good in parts."

But the applied fret was in every way too useful a means of enrichment to be confined to the Chinese productions exclusively; and, having once discovered and perfected it, Chippendale employed it freely in many designs other than those based upon the household gods of the " Celestials." It was, in the first place, most effective; and, what was equally important, the use of the fret-saw cost but little. The process of production was still further cheapened by clamp-ing a number of the thin sheets or strips of wood together and piercing them all to the desired pattern at one and the same time. Indeed, they can not only be cut more expeditiously in this way, but even better than singly, for the saw obtains a surer " grip/' and cuts altogether more satisfactorily.

There are few situations in which the applied fret cannot he used, so we find it introduced by Chippendale to square chair and table legs and similar supports, as shown in the

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