in the Times) were made and accepted :—Two remarkably fine old "Chippendale" state elbow chairs, with open-work backs and exquisitely carved lions' heads terminating the arms, "cabriole legs," with lions' heads on the "knees,'' and a covering of fine old English silk needlework, were bought for 780 guineas by a dealer, who was said to have re-sold them shortly afterwards for 1000 guineas—a good day's work ! A large " Chippendale" state easy chair, elaborately carved, and bearing the arms of the Barrington family, the seat, back, and elbows covered in old tapestry, realised 205 guineas. A similar chair, gilt, and upholstered in red velvet, was sold for 105 guineas. A set of six chairs, with mahogany frames, and finely carved open-work backs, decorated with scrolls and leaves, realised 93 guineas. At another sale, held at their own rooms, the same firm of auctioneers sold another set of six carved mahogany " Chippendale " chairs, with pierced backs and carved "cabriole legs," for £108. (The same set cost the owner by whose instructions they were "put-up," the magnificent sum of £6.)

Some very interesting and genuine old "Chippendale" furniture came to the hammer at the sale of the contents of Longstowe Hall, Cambridge, held under the conduct of Messrs. Grain, Moyes, & Wishey, of Cambridge; several arm-chairs realised, even in so remote a place, from .£10 to 10 guineas a piece; and a mahogany bookcase, five feet nine inches long, with projecting centre, brought .£30, by no means a high price. At the Egmont Sale, in London, of the furniture removed from Cowdray, Midhurst, Sussex, one set of three "Chippendale" chairs, covered in damask, sold for 23 guineas; another, consisting of six " small" chairs, the seats covered in figured leather, and two arm-chairs to match, together realised a total of just over ^53.

At "Christie's," some time ago, two exceptionally fine u Chippendale" cabinets, seven feet high by four feet long, w*th carved mouldings and legs, and open gallery above,

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