or "husks." Acanthus scrolls and chimerical creatures also are characteristic of the style (see the mantel illustrated), but the foliations are of the lighter, almost wiry, description, rather than of the heavier " Roman" school; while the creatures themselves generally look as if they would be none the worse for a good hearty meal.

Another typical feature is the " fan," disposed either in an oval, or employed to enrich corner spaces in the form of a spandril—" spandle " it was often styled in those old times. The " flute," both plain and " stopped," is of frequent occurrence; garlands and wreaths are plentiful, and it is not at all uncommon to find Wedgwood " Jasper" medallions framed-in amidst such enrichment. "But," the reader may exclaim, "most of the details enumerated are to be found in ' Sheraton/ " Precisely so, and it naturally follows that " Sheraton," and even " Heppelwhite," furniture is the very thing to accord with "Adam" decoration. The grand piano designed by the brothers Adam, which is illustrated herewith, can hardly be described as a triumph from the furniture designer's point of view; but the design was published in the Adams' book, and so finds a place here.

There can be no doubt at all that there is a certain delicate charm associated with the best phases of the " Adam " style; but we are never impressed by it, and in its presence we are more than a little tempted to fall into the phraseology of the ladies' penny paper, and exclaim " How sweetly pretty 1"

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