Turning the rear legs

Place a rear leg blank between centers on your lathe, position the tool rest as close as possible to the workpiece without touching it, and turn on the machine. Supporting a roughing gouge on the tool rest, carefully move the bevel until it touches the blank and the cutting edge starts removing waste. Continue working all along the length of the blank until you form a cylinder (left), with the bevel rubbing and the tool pointing in the direction of the cut.

(above, left). Switch to a skew chisel to shape the finial. Set the blade on the tool rest and advance it until it cuts into the stock. Shape the finial as desired, making sure the bevel is rubbing throughout the cut (above, right). Use sandpaper to shape the tip. Turn the other rear leg and its finial the same way.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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