Stuffing the seat

Once the rushing is about two-thirds done, it is time to provide extra padding by stuffing the seat. To prevent the rush from slackening, use a spring clamp to secure the loose length you are installing to a seat rail. Use cardboard for the padding, cutting one triangular piece for each side of the seat so that the triangle's long side is slightly shorter than the seat rail. Slip the padding under the rushing (right), then trim the tips if they overlap in the center. Continue the normal circuit as before until the two side rails are covered.

6 Completing the bridge

Since the seat on an Enfield chair is deeper than it is wide, the rushing being installed on the side rails will meet in the middle of the seat before the rush on the front and back rails. Once this occurs, use a technique known as bridging to fill the gap. Loop the rushing on the front and back rails with a figure-eight pattern weave, passing the rush over the back rail, down through the center, under the seat and up around the front rail. Then bring the rush over the seat from the front rail and back down through the center (right). Pass the rush under the seat, come up around the back rail again and repeat the procedure.

7 Finishing the job

Once you have bridged the gap between the front and back rails, set the chair upside down on a work table and tack the last strand of rush to the underside of the back seat rail (left). Cut off the excess.

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