Sawing the tenons on the rails

Install a dado head slightly wider than the length of the tenons —% inch—on your table saw. (The tenon should be Ys inch shorter than the depth of the mortise you chopped in the leg on page 69.) Screw a board as an extension to your miter gauge, then attach an auxiliary fence and raise the dado head to notch it. To cut the tenon cheeks, butt one of the rails against the fence and the miter gauge and feed it face down. Turn the rail over and repeat the cut on the other side, test-fitting the tenon in the leg mortise and raising the blades until the fit is snug. (A loose tenon is difficult to correct, so err or the side of tightness when first adjusting the height of the blades.) Next, cut tenon cheeks at the other end (left) and repeat for each rail. Then line up the leg with the rail and mark the final width of the tenon, using the mortise as a guide. Flip the rail on edge and adjust the saw blade to the proper height to trim the width of the tenon. Again, test-fit until the tenon fits snugly in the mortise and the tops of the rail and leg are flush. Now prepare the drawer rail and the kicker the same way. Before assembling the legs and rails, remember to prepare the rails for the wood buttons (page 93) that will hold the top in place.

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