Sawing the mortises in the legs

Replace the dado head on your table saw with a combination blade, crank it as high as it will go, and cut the mortises at the top ends of the legs with the help of a commercial tenoning jig; the model shown above slides in the miter slot. Clamp the leg upright in the jig, position the jig to center the blade on the edge of the workpiece, and feed the stock into the cut. Then move the jig very slightly away from the blade to enlarge the mortise. Make another pass, turn the leg around in the jig, and feed it into the blade again (above). Next, test-fit one of the rails in the mortise. If the fit is too tight, adjust the jig to shave a little more wood from the mortise and make two more passes, continuing until the rail fits snugly in the mortise.

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How To Sell Furniture

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