Preparing the top

Once the top of the candle stand has been cut (page 79), shape its circumference on a router table in two steps. Start by installing a piloted V2-inch radius bit in a router and mounting the tool in a table. Align the fence with the bit's pilot bearing and clamp a featherboard to the fence to support the top during the cut. Holding the top face-up and flat on the table, press the edge against the fence and rotate the stock into the bit (left). Continue pivoting the top until the entire circumference is shaped, then switch to a piloted '/4-inch radius bit, turn the work-piece over, and repeat to shape its top side.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

Types Of Furniture To Sell. There are many types of products you can sell. You just need to determine who your target market is and what specific item they want. Or you could sell a couple different ones in a package deal.

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