Preparing the legs for the trestle

The trestle fits into a stopped groove at the top of the leg. Adjust the width of the dado head and the cutting height to % inch. Center the face of the leg over the dado head and butt the fence against the edge. Mark the end of the groove on the legs and the points on the table insert where the blades stop cutting; this will help you determine the position of the dado head when it is hidden by the work-piece during the cut. To saw the groove, feed the leg face down, holding the edge against the fence (right). Once the cutting line on the leg aligns with the mark on the table insert, lift the workpiece off the dado head. Square the stopped end of the dado with a chisel. You can now cut a two-shouldered tenon at each end of the stretcher (page 71) to fit into the groove.

Groove stop line


Miter / qauqe ' extension,


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