Preparing the legs for the side rails and stretchers

The mortises in the legs for the side rails and stretchers must be drilled at compound angles—they are angled in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Start by securing one of the rear legs in a handscrew and clamping the assembly upright to a work surface. Then use the chair seat and side views on page 27, a protractor, and a sliding bevel to determine the drilling angle as you did in step 2. But instead of taping two sliding bevels to the stock, cut two square pieces of plywood, clamping one to the leg to indicate the vertical angle and the second to the rail or stretcher for the horizontal angle. For each hole, align the bit with the top edge of the vertical guide (labeled SIDE in the illustration) and the side edge of the horizontal guide (labeled TOP) (right). Again, stop drilling when the drilling depth flag contacts the stock. Using similar methods, drill the front leg assembly.

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