Mounting hinges on the doors

The doors are hung on the clock case with butt hinges; the hinge leaves are concealed in recesses cut into the inside faces of the doors and the front edges of the case. Position each door in turn on the case and outline the hinge leaves on the doors and the case. To cut the recesses in the doors, clamp the frame to a work surface inside-face up. Cut each recess with a chisel in two steps. Start by holding the chisel vertically on your outline with the bevel facing the waste and tap the handle with a mallet, moving the chisel along to score the entire outline. Then pare away the waste in thin layers, holding the chisel horizontally, bevel-side up (left). Test-fit a hinge leaf in the recess periodically, stopping when the recess is about Ym inch deeper than the thickness of the leaf. With the hinge leaf in position, mark the screw holes in the recess, bore a pilot hole at each mark, and screw the hinge leaf to the door. Use the same procedure to cut the recesses in the front edges of the case.


Locking nut /

Brad driver

Glass-stop molding s

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