Making the wood buttons

If you are using wood buttons to install the top on the pie safe, you will need to make enough buttons to space them every 6 inches along the ends and edges of the panel. You can mass-produce the buttons from a single board of a thickness equal to the gap between the top edge of the top frame rails and the grooves you cut in the rails (page 93), less Ke inch. Cut a %-inch rabbet at each end of the board, then rip it into 1-inch-wide strips and cut off the buttons about VA inches from the ends (inset). To make screw holes in the buttons, install a 3Xe-inch bit in your drill press and fashion a corner jig from %-inch plywood and L-shaped support brackets. Clamp the jig to the machine table and steady the buttons with a push stick. Drill through the center of the unrabbeted portion of each button (left).

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