Making and installing the cross rail

With the same dovetail bit in your router used to cut the sockets in the side rails (page 72), mount the tool in a table. Set the cutting depth to make the dovetails slightly shorter than the depth of the sockets. Position the fence so that one-half of the cutter projects beyond its face. Feed the cross rail on end across the table, pressing it against the fence. Turn the rail around to complete the dovetail (above) and repeat the cuts at the other end of the rail. Test-fit the joints and adjust the fence and make additional cuts, if necessary. Once the fit is snug, spread glue on the dovetails and in the sockets and slide the rail into place, tapping it with a mallet; use a wood block to protect the stock (right). The edges of the cross rail should lie flush with those of the side rails.

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How To Sell Furniture

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