Making and installing the breadboard ends

Plane the breadboard ends to the same thickness as the top, then saw them as long as the top's width. Cut the grooves along the inside edges of the breadboard ends on your table saw (page 62). The grooves should be as wide as the tongues you routed in step 3 and slightly deeper than their length. Fit the ends in position and counterbore three holes through each one and into the top, locating one hole at the middle and another a few inches from each end. Use a file to elongate the holes in the breadboard ends slightly; this will facilitate wood movement. Spread glue on the tongues about 1 inch to each side of the center, then reposition the breadboard ends (right), using a mallet and a wood block, if necessary, to tap them into final position. Drive the screws to secure the ends, glue wood plugs over the heads, and trim them flush with a chisel. Sand the surface smooth.

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    How to do a shaker breadboard ends?
    9 years ago
  • pia
    How to build a shaker table with breadboard ends?
    7 years ago

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