Making a raised panel with a router

Install a panel-raising bit in your router and mount the tool in a table. Position the fence in line with the bit's pilot bearing and set the cutting depth at Ye inch so that you can reach your final depth in two or more passes. Lower the guard over the bit and turn on the router. To minimize tearout, cut the end grain of the panel first, beveling the top and bottom before the sides. Keep the panel flat on the table inside face down and flush against the fence as you feed it across the bit (right). Repeat the cut at the other end and along both sides. Turn off the router and test-fit one end in a frame groove. If the panel lies less than Yt inch deep in the groove, increase the cutting depth slightly and make another pass all around. Continue in this fashion until the panel fits properly.


Pilot bearing

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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