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Yarn reel (page 73)

Used in textile making, this device featured a column and leg design borrowed from the can die stand .

Step stool (page 129)

Assembled with sturdy through dovetails, these mini-stepiadders enabled Shakers to reach the top shelves and doors of floor-to-ceiling casework; three-and four-step versions were also common

Oval baskets

With their swallowtail joinery and copper tacks, these containers were sold in the thousands to the outside world; assembled much like Shaker boxes (page 133)

Prying rack

Usually made from pine, racks were used to dry tow els and to air out bedding


Along with chairs, footstools were produced in great quantities for commercial sale

Hancock Shaker Step Stool

Pegboard (page 136)

With their evenly spaced pegs, these rails lined the walls of most Shaker rooms, holding everything from hats and cloaks to candlesconces and clocks, like the one shown

Wall clock (page 115)

Clocks like the one shown at left helped the Shakers organize their busy workdays. The Shakers usually bought the mechanisms and built the cases to fit; as clock makers joined the movement, the Shakers began to assemble their own mechanisms

Like many rural Americans living in the 19th Century, the Shakers used spinning wheels, like one from Hancock Shaker Village shown above, to make their own textiles. As self-reliant people, the Shakers depended on such devices and the skill to operate them to maintain their independence from the outside world.


Designed so the height of the candles and the lighting could be adjusted as the candles burned and melted down. The version on the left features wooden threads to raise and lower the candle support; the one on the rignt has a row of holes that allowed the candiesconce to be hung from a peg-board at any height

Clothes hanger

A typical Shaker innovation, the three-armed hanger was a clever, space-saving way to store clothing

How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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