Hanging the door

Once all the hinge leaves are installed, it is time to hang the door. Lift one of the doors into position so the hinge leaves on the door and the safe engage (above). Slip each hinge pin in place to join the leaves. Hang the other door the same way.

4 Installing the false mullion

Cut the mullion from 5/ie-inch-thick stock, making it as long as the doors. Size the width of the mullion equal to the gap between the shoulders of the rabbets you cut in the doors (page 109), less /s inch. The gap between the right-hand door and the edge of the mullion will prevent the doors from binding when they are closed. Spread some adhesive in the rabbet in the left-hand door and on the contacting surfaces of the mullion, and set the strip of wood in place. Clamp the mullion against both cheek and shoulder of the rabbet while the glue cures (left).

5 Installing the door pulls

Make a pull for each door on your lathe, turning a round tenon at one end, or buy the pulls ready-made. Mark a point in the middle of the contacting door stiles about two-thirds of the way up the doors and drill a hole the same diameter as the tenons at each mark. Spread some glue on the tenons and insert each pull into its hole (right).

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