Gluing up the stiles

Glue the stiles together in pairs to form the corner of the pie safe. Remember that the four wider stiles will be used on the front and back of the safe, while the narrower stiles will fit on the sides; this way, the corner joint will only be visible from the sides. Spread some glue on the contacting surfaces of each pair of stiles: the outside edges of the side stiles and the inside faces of the front and back stiles. With the side stile face down on a work surface, secure the joint, spacing the clamps about 12 inches apart; protect the stock and distribute the clamping pressure with wood pads. To secure the joint where the stile has been tapered, use a cut-off from the taper cuts you made in step 1 to square the clamp on the stock (left).

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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