Dropleaf Table

The Shakers appreciated the versatility of drop-leaf tables. The leaves could be raised when a wider top was needed, and folded down afterward so the table would occupy less space. Shaker drop-leaf tables ranged from 10-foot-long dining tables, sometimes referred to as "harvest tables," to small work tables just 2 feet long. At 41 inches long, the table shown in the illustration below is a comfortable compromise. The top can expand to a width of more than 3 feet, seating four people comfortably. With the leaves folded down, the table is less than 20 inches wide. As with most drop-leaf tables, the version shown here uses rule joints to attach the top to the leaves. To ensure adequate support for the leaves, use the largest drop-leaf hinges available, which are typically l'A by 2% inches.

Shaker Desktop Joint Legs Woodworking

Drawer side x3%"x15'A"

Drawer front

Drawer elide groove

False front

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